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A Big Change at Jesus Creed

For about six months we have been in communication with a large website that has expressed an interest in hosting the Jesus Creed conversation. At first I had no interest, but I want to lay out for you today why we have made the decision to shift the site over to [Read more…]

Loosening the Grip 5

The following post is very important for this series. This is our fifth post in the series on Race: A Theological Account. This post is by my colleague and good friend, Boaz Johnson. He covers chp 2 and shows that at the heart of intertwining race and theology is the work of Immanuel Kant. What [Read More…]

Gospel 19

Acts 10 is one of the most important gospel texts in the New Testament. That text is followed by Acts 11:20 where, after rehearing the Acts 10 episode with Cornelius, Peter says: [Read more…]