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Evolution and Fundamentalism

Pastor (Park Street Church Boston) Daniel Harrell’s new book, Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith (Living Theology), is the book we need. Here is someone who can translate science into theology and theology into science, and do so in engaging, fun, and clear prose. [Read more…]

Original Sin Returns 1 (RJS)

We had a good series of Friday posts on Alan Jacobs’ excellent book “Original Sin.” The essays in his book are outstanding and explore many facets of Original Sin in history and in contemporary thought. But Jacobs is an English Professor, not a theologian or a scientist. His book raised as many questions as it [Read More…]

Gospel 20

If Acts 11 records the gospel preaching of Peter, Acts 13 records the gospel preaching of Paul. So here’s the long text: [Read more…]