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Original Sin Returns 3 (RJS)

Chapter 3 of Henri Blocher’s book Original Sindeals with discerning the mind of Paul on the issue of Adam and the Fall. Any Christian discussion of the evolution life, the evolution of homo sapiens, and the doctrine of Original Sin must reckon with Paul and his contrast between Adam and Christ. As death came through [Read More…]

Prayer as Activism

I have asked two of my fine students, Brittany Bennett and Nick Johnson — who are getting married this summer — and who have a ministry passion for issues of justice and the church, to take a look at Shane Claiborne’s and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s new book, Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers: Prayer for Ordinary [Read More…]

Gospel 22

The issue of whether or not to circumcise Gentile believers led to the first church council, establishing as I think it did a precedent for leaders to gather to discern the mind of God, and a ruling that Gentile converts needed to show some respect for Torah observance. (Incidentally, time wore this ruling down for [Read More…]