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Loosening the Grip 6

I’m holding in my hands at this very moment the original German edition of Gerhard Kittel’s famous Theological Dictionary of the New Testament. I’ve got volume 4. The foreword, written by Kittel himself, is preceded by a page of German theologians, collaborators in the 4th volume of TDNT, who were killed in WWII as soldiers [Read More…]

Beginning with the Dead Sea Scrolls

How many times have you asked or been asked this question: How can I learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls in a way that I can understand what is going on? Books about the DSS tend to be very academic and for specialists, so I was pumped when I saw this book: my colleague and [Read More…]

Gospel 24

Gospeling, gospeling, gospeling … that’s what Paul does. And today we look at his great address on the Areopagus in Athens: [Read more…]