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Jesus Creed Blog: Welcome!

The name for this blog came from a book I wrote called Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others. That book has one central theme: that Jesus understood the moral life as one made of two loves — loving God and loving others. We believe that this vision of Jesus is not just for the specific [Read More…]

A Letter, Evangelicals, and Abortion

How do you respond to this letter to me? We occasionally get letters that we think would be good for public, civil conversation. This is one of those. The letter is being used by permission and I’m urging you to be civil and thoughtful in your response. We are esp interesting in how evangelicals who [Read More…]

California Defines “Marriage”

Another letter, Dear Scot, I know you’re sick to death of this topic, and before writing you I read your entire series again, but I am in a grave quandary over how to vote on Proposition 8, a voter-led initiative on the California ballot to declare marriage a union between a man and a woman [Read More…]

Gospel 25

On Jesus Creed blog we do a Bible study M-Th and our current series is on the meaning of the word “gospel.” We looked at how the term is used in two Old Testament texts, then at how it is used in the Gospels, and this is our last series on how it is used [Read More…]

We’ve Moved! New Address…’s personnel and I have been working out the wrinkles, with a test post or two, and it looks like we are ready to go. So, please use these addresses: Our new address: Our new RSS feed is: [Read more…]