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Pastorate Temptations

A pastor-friend wrote me this letter. He’s asking what are the vocational temptations of a pastor. What tempts them the most as a pastor? [We’re not talking here about sexual temptations, etc.] What are the major temptations of a pastor as a pastor? We would love to hear from pastors on this one. One of [Read More…]


I make a confession: I don’t like books on leadership. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never found the word “leadership” remotely interesting or evocative of what I do or what I think pastors do. So, when I hear that a church has a leadership conference, I roll my eyes. Perhaps it sounds too corporate [Read More…]

Gospel 26

We turn today to how Paul understands the word “gospel” and I will begin with Galatians, since I think it is the earliest letter of Paul’s. The moment we enter into Paul’s use of “gospel” we also enter into a web of thoughts. I will do my best to stick to what the text says [Read More…]