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Birthday Gift

I’ll put it this way. We’ve not purchased a set of kitchen knives for cutting up stuff since we got married over 34 years ago. In fact, our knives now tear stuff more than they cut things. My teeth are sharper. Kris has this in mind for a birthday gift (for me) so here’s my [Read More…]

A Prayer for Obama

Our prayer today, Our Father, is for President  Barack Obama. [Please add your prayers as well.] [Read more…]

The Christian and Doubt

“This is a book with the not very catchy title Faith and Doubt, and the most important word in the title is the one in the middle,” so writes John Ortberg in the introduction to his newest book, Faith and Doubt . I’ve read a number of books in my life on doubt, and everyone [Read More…]

Gospel 27

Galatians has three sections: autobiography (chps 1-2), theology (3-4) and praxis (5-6). Simplied of course. The opening section of the autobiographical argument for Paul’s gospel has several references to “gospel” and “gospeling”: [Read more…]