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The Problem is the Problem

To say that we Christians have the “gospel” is to say we have “good news that resolves the bad news.” So, we ask, What is the problem to which the gospel speaks this good news? What is it that Christianity “fixes”? The most significant problem many presentations of the gospel face is that the problem [Read More…]

Bible Collector

I don’t know why I like Donald Brake’s wondrous new book, Visual History of the English Bible, A: The Tumultuous Tale of the World’s Bestselling Book , the most: Is it because of the rich photography? the story the book tells? or is it the boy-ish delight Brake exudes when he tells another story of [Read More…]

Gospel 28

The apostle Paul gets pushed around a bit by many who aren’t willing to read him carefully. Paul stood in the line of thinkers in the Bible who might be called “liberation gospelers.” We have to think of Moses and the Exodus and we have to think of Isaiah and the return from Exile. We [Read More…]