Archives for Nov 10, 2008 @ 15:30

The Trickery of Spammers

I get an e-mail, it’s from MSN Featured something and it says something like this and I don’t have their words: “If you don’t want our regular notices then please click ‘unsubscribe’.” They were kind enough to think of me, so I thought. So I clicked “unsubscribe.” And it took me to a “Canadian” (who [Read More…]

What about divorce?

How do we apply the Bible to situations of divorce? A pastor recently asked me about this. I’m interested in your response. This is one of the most common subjects I get asked about by my students at North Park. Scot, I’ve got just a few pages left in The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You [Read More…]

The Beginning of “Origins”

Many of you have asked about the new network I will be part of with Dan Kimball. We are still forming the “creative” team so it isn’t even complete yet, but there is a website up that is our first announcement. We will be changing the name as we meet as a team but for [Read More…]

Gospel 29

The apostle Paul had a major toe-to-toe with Peter in Antioch, a city north of the Land of Israel. Here is the passage and it reveals Paul’s gospel: [Read more…]