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What a difference a year makes…

… when it comes to wearing blue jeans. One year ago Kris forced a pair of blue jeans on me: “Let’s go get something for you that you don’t want but something you need” sort of claim. So, I went along with her plan to buy some blue jeans — I hadn’t worn any for [Read More…]

A Pastor and a Professor

The other day I was at O’Hare airport sitting at my gate sipping away on a decent cup of coffee when I noticed a pastor I met at a conference a year or so. I was jotting down some notes for a lecture on the “gospel” when he asked me, “Working on a sermon?” “No,” [Read More…]

Loosening the Grip 7

We’ve been doing a series on racism and how it has infected our theological beliefs. I’ve asked some colleagues both from North Park and a friend at Wheaton to join me in this series, but today’s post is one of my own. Our series is rooted in the exceptional book of J. Kameron Carter,Race: A [Read More…]

Gospel 31

What do we mean by “gospel”? This question shapes the current Bible we are discussing on the Jesus Creed blog. We are not offering (right now) a definitive answer but looking at all the major passages and sketching observations. These are the steps we have to take to build a comprehensive understanding of the word [Read More…]