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What do Evangelicals do well?

I’m proud to be an evangelical. I think we do many things well. Some will roll their eyes with those first two statements. Why? Criticizing evangelicalism is fashionable and evangelicals have joined the fashion, sometimes with apocalyptic fervor.  I wonder if the relentless critique of (sometimes hard-headed) evangelical pastors, theologians, and authors – not to [Read More…]

Seven Plus Seven

I’ve never been a fan of studies of the seven deadly sins. I did purchase the New York Public Library series since it had two of my favorite authors, Phyllis Tickle and Joseph Epstein. Recently I got a book in the mail and when I saw the title “Seven” I thought, “Here we go again.” [Read More…]

Gospel 32

How does Paul understand the “gospel”? We’ve looked at Galatians, where we saw an emphasis on the gospel declaring the inclusion of Gentiles by faith in Christ into the People of God. (Paul says more than this, but this was his emphasis.) Thessalonians has (perhaps rather surprisingly) emphasized the witness that Paul’s own behaviors had [Read More…]