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Note from Beliefnet About Commenting

Dear Jesus Creed Readers, Last week at Beliefnet we implemented a small change to our blog commenting system – you now have to confirm that you are  a real person, and not a spammer, by typing in a few characters of text upon submitting your comments. This change was necessary in order to curtail the [Read More…]

Friday is for Friends

The desert monks committed huge portions of Scripture to memory, not only putting us moderns to shame but also reminding us of the potency of a simple life. One reason for putting so much Scripture to memory was to learn to “redirect” thoughts. That is, to ward off temptations. This is the subject of the [Read More…]

(Re)Awakening Your Prayer Life

Prayer is not only hard for most Christians, it is discouraging to be reminded of the importance of prayer. Sometimes it is a scolding preacher and other times nothing more than the word of someone who seems so good at prayer. A few years ago I became convinced that one of the major reasons prayer [Read More…]