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The Christ-Haunted Vampire Novelist

Anne Rice’s vampire novels have sold 100 million copies. She now writes, as she tells us so candidly in her memoir of conversion, Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession , solely for God. Her story is an old genre: faith and then atheism and then rediscovery of faith. But, because her faith is also [Read More…]


As a college student I got to spend a few weeks in Romford England. I was part of a group of young missionary students and our leader taught us how to do street evangelism. His point was simple: You’ve got four minutes to make your point. Why? Because those who are listening will move on [Read More…]

Gospel 37

Gospeling involves a gospeler, but the gospeler is not the gospel. In fact, the contrast between the gospel and the gospeler serves to highlight the power of God. Notice 2 Cor 4:1-7: [Read more…]