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The Bible, Rocks, and Time (RJS)

This post is from our scientist friend, RJS. She often blogs about science subjects here at Jesus Creed. I (RJS) have been accused on occasion, on this blog as a matter of fact, of arrogance for dismissing the young earth arguments and simply asserting an old earth as fact. First I plead guilty and apologize. [Read More…]

The Christ-Haunted Vampire Novelist 2

Anne Rice’s vampire novels have sold 100 million copies. She now writes, as she tells us so candidly in her memoir of conversion, Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession , solely for God. This is our second post on Anne Rice’s conversion. One thing that fascinated me in reading this conversion memoir is the [Read More…]

Gospel 38

Paul discusses in several places in 2 Cor 8–11 matters pertaining to supporting gospel work, gospeling itself, and striving for expanding the opportunities to gospel: [Read more…]