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Friday is for Friends

The first section of chp 7 in Kathleen Norris’  Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer’s Life is relentlessly profound. Today I want to clip a few lines of hers about human nature and apathy (acedia) and ask for your response. “If the Church has made too much of the sin of pride, [Read More…]

Blue Parakeet Passages in the Bible

Since I was a high schooler I’ve been bugged by what is commonly called “pick and choose” when it comes to the Bible. 30 years later convinces me that (1) we all do this and (2) we need to talk about something underneath it all: HOW we pick and choose. I believe that Christians have [Read More…]

Do you Moleskine?

A few years ago I discovered the ruled Moleskine:  Moleskine Ruled Notebook Large and Moleskine Ruled Notebook Pocket . They have a cool elastic string that keeps it closed and a fantastic pocket at the back for storage. For two years I have kept all my notes and sermon outlines in such a notebook, and [Read More…]