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Expanding Women in Ministry

One of the arguments of our new book,The Blue Parakeet, is that any church that calls itself biblical must permit women to do now what they did in the New Testament, and that includes prophesying, teaching, praying and founding churches. I was encouraged by the following letter. We want to hear today from those folks [Read More…]

So You Want to Go to Seminary?

I receive a letter like this two or three times a month and thought it might be a good idea to jot down a brief response. First, the letter; then, the response. Hello Scot, My name is [Kip]. I’m a recent graduate of [America’s Finest University]. I’ve been thinking a lot about going to graduate [Read More…]

Acts of Advent

This year’s series on Advent will focus on the acts of Advent: adoration, activism, community, and expansion. Each week will be dedicated to one of these themes, and this week — the first week of Advent — we will focus on adoration. [Read more…]