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Expelled (RJS)

I (RJS) saw Ben Stein’s “documentary” movie EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed over Thanksgiving on DVD, or I saw parts of it anyway – some of the family saw the entire movie.  I have also been asked about this movie at church on occasion. I have to say, I found the movie very hard to watch [Read More…]

Expanding Women in Ministry (in other cultures)

Another letter about women in ministry … and this letter illustrates a very important point we all need to be aware of in “applying” the Bible: each culture summons us to live in ways appropriate to that culture. But, and this is important too, the Christian will work for kingdom conditions to work like yeast [Read More…]

Acts of Advent 2

The first “act” of advent is to adore the Lord. Our text this morning, one that can give us more than enough space to see why we need to begin Advent on the note of adoration, is Mary’s Magnificat from Luke 1:46-55: [Read more…]