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Hard Questions for the Bible

Christopher Wright openly and honestly admits that those of us who adhere to a classic form of belief in God — God is good, holy, loving, sovereign — have a problem: evil. Evil is a problem for any thinking Christian — a serious problem. Simply put: if God is good, we have to ask why [Read More…]

One Dollar

Joshua Guthrie, son of a friend of mine (George Guthrie), is a young man with a heart to help the poor find water. I’d encourage you to go to his site and donate a dollar. He is calling his vision “dollar for a drink” and is part of building water wells in Sudan. We’d love [Read More…]

Acts of Advent 3

Advent begins on bended knee, on the knee of adoration of Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord and Savior and King. Today’s text is from Luke 1, and this text too illuminates the nature of Advent adoration. [Read more…]