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Books are the Best Presents

Every year at the annual meeting for the Society of Biblical Literature I meander through the book stalls, make some purchases, and set myself up for another year of reading and researching. Today I want to make some book suggestions in the general area of commentaries and reference books. Pastors, preachers, students, professors and those [Read More…]

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Many theology professors inform classes that the average Christian is “docetic”. That is, they explain how most Christians affirm the humanity of Christ but when it comes down to it they are often uncomfortable with what it means to embrace Jesus’ full humanity. So, the humanity of Christ for many only “seems” to be human [Read More…]

Acts of Advent 4

The first Act of Advent is Adoration, adoration of God who in Jesus Christ has enacted his great and lasting promises to Israel. Why is the first Act of Advent Adoration? [Read more…]