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The Third Way

There is a Third Way, and this post officially kicks off a series of occasional reflections about the Third Way. The Third Way approach to the orthodox Christian faith is one that gets beyond the fighting and between the fighters in order to carve out a middle way. The Third Way captures and sustains the [Read More…]

Can You Top This One?

All of us, I suppose, have stories about our medical system. But this one from our son is better than anything we’ve ever had. Lukas and Annika recently gave birth to a son — Aksel — and this is the medical bill’s explanation of benefits that Luke and Annika received after they submitted the hospital [Read More…]

Acts of Advent 6

The first act of advent, which we looked at last week, is “adoration,” the second act of advent is activism. By that I mean this: a genuine commitment to the advent vision of the Bible is a commitment to active participation in the vision of advent. A good place to begin our “activism” actions is [Read More…]