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Knowing (RJS)

One of the aims of our conversation on this blog is to grapple with the issues of reasonable faith.  As a professor and a scientist, I  (RJS) find this a crucial and unavoidable discussion.  It is a fact of our modern (or postmodern) church that we must develop  a way to think about our faith [Read More…]

More Books for Christmas

In our last post on new books we listed some top-notch new reference books and commentaries. Today I want to mention seven new books in theology and Christian thought. I begin with what is becoming an international argument: the relationship of theology and biblical studies. The issue is not only who gets the first or [Read More…]

Acts of Advent 7

The first act of advent is adoration; the second is “activism” for the kingdom of God. It is far too easy for some to “spiritualize” the word “kingdom” so that it means personal relationship with God; it is far too easy for others to “socialize” the word “kingdom” so that it means social activism. The [Read More…]