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Knowing 2 (RJS)

In the last post in this series I suggested that one of the important issues in the current discussion of science and faith in our culture deals with knowing; how do we “know” and understand? None of us can know everything in every subject. How many of us really understand particle physics, quantum mechanics, genetics, [Read More…]

Did that just happen?

When Kris and I got to the airport in Atlanta Sunday afternoon, we had one of those “Did all that just happen to us?” moments. Some of you may know that I was asked to preach at North Point Community Church, which meant three Sunday sermons … 9am, 11am, and 12:45pm. I’ll begin at the [Read More…]

Acts of Advent 12

The acts of advent, those actions that advent generates, include adoration, activism, and building community. Any reading of the birth stories, those stories that are designed to shape how we understanding Advent, reveals how central it is to God to form God’s people. Notice these words of the angel to Mary from Luke 1: 29 Mary [Read More…]