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Third Way and Determinism

Some Christians are functional deists: they believe in God but their God has very little to do with this world. He’s the clockmaker God; made this place and then let it run. On the other hand, some Christians are theological determinists: they believe everything that happens is the result of God’s plans and God’s designs [Read More…]

Now Brewing: Rise and Wine Mocha Java

I’ve recently been brewing a few different coffees, including Strada coffee from Africa and some wonderful new stuff from the great place called Burnsville, Minnesota. They have a fine coffee and coffee shop — my kind of place — called “Jo Jo’s Rise and Wine.” Yes, you guessed it: they sell coffee and fine wines. [Read More…]

Gospel 41

Undoubtedly, the one passage in Romans that doesn’t seem to “fit” the standard Reformation explanations of both gospel and justification is found in Romans 2 and I am clipping a few verses to set our next use of “gospel” in context: [Read more…]