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At Peace With Science? (RJS)

Scot having tried his hand at science a couple of weeks ago (here), I (RJS) will step up to bat once again and start to tackle what may be the toughest question in the science and faith discussion. We have been carrying on a conversation dealing with the hard questions in the relationship, sometimes conflict, [Read More…]


After a losing fight with a porcupine, this dog is doing fine, and now that we know it’s fine … what does this picture bring to mind? Who is this dog’s analogy in our world? Which Church leader feels like this? [Read more…]

Gospel 42

We skip in Romans from Romans 2 to Romans 10 to find the next use of “gospel.”  There are two uses of “gospel/gospeling” in Romans 10:15-16 and I have provided additional verses to exhibit the context: [Read more…]