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Debunking by Ignoring

It is fashionable today to see the Christian religion as a massive cover up and the real story is supposed to have gone something like this: Jesus was a pious, Torah-observant Jew whom Paul got hold of and cranked up a few notches into a God-like deity, called him the Christ, and then handed on [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings (resumes next week)

Kris and I have been gone and almost completely out of (internet) action for a week. I got the posts done for last week before we left and, with RJS’s help (thanks RJS), we got through the week. But, being gone also meant not reading the internet to do Weekly Meanderings this week. We’ll have [Read More…]

January and Sports

What makes January such a good month for sports? 1. Nope, not because we have hour to hour college bowl games between teams I don’t follow.2. Nope, not because the Bears are out of the playoffs and that means we can watch better teams.3. Nope, not because we can start gearing up for the Super [Read More…]