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Mark Twain and Blago

Mark Twain, looking over the shoulders of Burris and Reid, says cynically (and I quote him), “We have the best congress money can buy.” What do you think Burris is saying to Reid? [Read more…]

Future Catcher

Here’s our grandson Aksel, listening to his dad telling him how to give the pitcher the sign for a curve ball.   [Read more…]

Third Way and the American Image

What is America like? Are we generous or are we the spoiled brat in the global village? How Christian are the Christians in politics? Third Way thinking addresses these issues, and Adam Hamilton’s book sketches ideas for us to think about when we think of America’s image in the world. See his book Seeing Gray [Read More…]

Can Darwin be Saved? (RJS)

It is common in some circles to extol Darwin as one who makes it possible to be a fulfilled atheist and in others to vilify him as the servant of Satan who set out to destroy the faith.  The truth, of course, is much more complicated.  And many influences are at play both within Darwin [Read More…]

Gospel 48

We turn now to Ephesians, a 3d letter of Paul’s from prison (accepting the Pauline authorship of the traditional letters). Eph uses “gospel” six times: 1:13; 2:17; 3:6, 8; 6:15, 19. We begin with … 11 In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in [Read More…]