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What can we do?

We ask this question: If it is the case that American military personnel tortured those in GTMO, and this piece from The Washington Post shows that torture occurred, what can we do? To whom do we write? The Obama Administration will be challenged both to acknowledge such cases and respond to the justice issues. The [Read More…]

Midday Bible Study: Gospel 54

Take your lunch break with us today and contemplate the meaning of the word gospel. If Ephesians emphasized the word “peace,” Philippians emphasizes “Christ.” These are not alternatives but different ways of saying the same thing: the “peace” of Ephesians is the union of Jews and Gentiles in Christ and the “Christ” of Philippians is [Read More…]

Can Darwin be Saved? 2 (RJS)

Karl Giberson in his recent book Saving Darwin: How to Be a Christian and Believe in Evolution has devoted several chapters to discussion of Darwin’s dark companions and to the history that has led to the culture war we find today.  This discussion is particularly relevant in light of Ben Stein’s recent exposé Expelled: No [Read More…]

Artists Struggling with Evangelicalism 2

George Eliot was Mary Ann Evans (1819-1880), and a famous novelist. She is the subject of David Hempton’s first study in how artists struggle with the evangelical faith ( Evangelical Disenchantment: Nine Portraits of Faith and Doubt ). Eliot’s most famous novels were Adam Bede, Silas Marner, and MIddlemarch. Hempton focuses on two major writing [Read More…]