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A Compline Prayer

This dwelling, O God, by Thee be blest; and each one who here this night does rest. [Read more…]

Best Blogs in Biblical Studies?

I’ve been asked what are the best blogs in biblical studies. What do you think? Provide links if you can. [Read more…]

Midday Bible Study: Gospel 59

We are studying on this blog the meaning of the word “gospel” in the Bible. This is actually the 59th post in this series as we “blog” our way through the references. I am doing some writing on the “gospel,” so this is part of my own preparation. Today we turn to the two references [Read More…]

A Statement Worth Pondering

What do you think of this statement? It was said by someone named Basil Willey about Francis Newman (John Henry Newman’s brother) and I found it in the Hempton book in the post we had earlier today. What “story” is it telling? Is it accurate? Does it express the common fear that social justice is [Read More…]

Artists Struggling with Evangelicalism 3

One of the most famous converts from evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism, someone I write about in Finding Faith, Losing Faith: Stories of Conversion and Apostasy , was John Henry Newman. Today we look at his brother, Francis, who also was an evangelical Christian for a number of years. Francis encountered the gravity of the unbelief [Read More…]