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Obama’s Inauguration: A Poem

From Stephanie Seefeldt A Shadowed Hope It can be heard on the wind – in the words that are written,in the faces of the gathered who watch him ascend.“Change”, it says.“New.Better.More.Hope.”I see the hope. I even sense it some, and want tograsp this moment in history – to be able to say“Yes. I saw it. [Read More…]

Midday Bible Study: Gospel 67

The “gospel” changes at Acts 1-2. One way of saying this is the proclaimer became the proclaimed one — but this misses that John preached about Jesus, too. And Jesus’ own message was self-directed. But, still, a good point to be made: the preaching shifts to redemption in Christ in a direct and clear manner. [Read More…]

Intellectual Integrity and Faith? 2: Genesis (RJS)

Bill T. Arnold, Director of Hebrew Studies and the Paul S. Amos Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary has a new commentary out, Genesis (New Cambridge Bible Commentary Series) .  This commentary is described as “an innovative interpretation of one of the most profound texts of world literature: the book of Genesis. [Read More…]

Capital Punishment and the Trial of Jesus

This last weekend in our travel to Canada and back, I read lawyer and professor of law at Baylor University, Mark William Osler‘s new book Jesus on Death Row: The Trial of Jesus and American Capital Punishment . There are two major highlights to this book, and I would commend it to church libraries across [Read More…]