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Pat Reaches a Summitt! 1000 Wins

And I love this horsing around picture of her. Congrats from the Jesus Creed community to Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols! [Read more…]

Cartoon in Need of Theological Comments

What say you? [Read more…]

Midday Bible Study: Gospel 69

By the way, if anyone is collecting all this series into a MS Word document, I’d be happy to give you a bundle of credit and repost the whole series in one document. One of these days I’ll learn the more elegant trick of writing my posts in MS Word and pasting them into Movable [Read More…]

Intellectual Integrity and Faith? 3: Genesis One (RJS)

Genesis 1 has been studied, debated, and expounded as much as any text in world history. Scholars and amateurs alike have poured over this text for twenty-five hundred years, and it continues to demand our attention because of its arresting content and architectonic style. (p. 29) So begins Bill Arnold’s discussion of Genesis 1 (actually [Read More…]

The Gospel and Orthodoxy

In my recent research on the meaning of “gospel,” I read Ted A. Campbell’s new book, The Gospel in Christian Traditions. Here is a book that needs to be read as a primer to theology in the history of the Church. Why? Because theology is the unfolding of the gospel and the gospel alone can [Read More…]