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Where do you get your news?

During the past few months, the crisis in journalism has reached meltdown proportions. It is now possible to contemplate a time when some major cities will no longer have a newspaper and when magazines and network-news operations will employ no more than a handful of reporters. There is, however, a striking and somewhat odd fact [Read More…]

Faith and Culture 3

I’ve been asked and given permission to publish this week a series of chapters from the new A Faith and Culture Devotional: Daily Readings on Art, Science, and Life . Philosophy : Plato: Lover of Truth, Beauty, and the Good By John Mark Reynolds, PhD, professor of philosophy, Biola University. Reynolds makes frequent “study” trips [Read More…]

Genesis 2-3 Part 1 (RJS)

Genesis 2 begins another view of creation; another voice; a narrowed focus. First a context: We have discussed the issues of evolution and common descent in several different posts on this blog.  The mounting evidence, most importantly the molecular genetic evidence emerging from the sequencing of human and other genomes, makes the special creation of [Read More…]

God in the Shack

If you have questions about The Shack , and if your questions are theological, and if some have suggested that this book is full of heresy and you are wondering about the book, then you need to read Roger Olson, Finding God in the Shack: Seeking Truth in a Story of Evil and Redemption. The [Read More…]