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What’s your favorite…

Song by Elvis Presley? Dare I ask what is his greatest song ever? Got any stories to tell about his songs? Or, anyone ever attend one of his concerts? When Kris and I were in college (and married) we would stay up late at night to watch Elvis movies. Loved them. My favorite: “Return to [Read More…]

Faith and Culture 5

I’ve been asked and given permission to publish this week a series of chapters from the new A Faith and Culture Devotional: Daily Readings on Art, Science, and Life . Literature: Augustine’s City of God: Two Cities, Two Loves By William Edgar, ThD, professor of cultural apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, and author of Reasons of [Read More…]

Genesis 2-3 Part 2 (RJS)

Genesis 3 is one of the cornerstone passages of the Bible.  Bill Arnold in his commentary on Genesis reflects that Gen 3 starts a new subject and introduces a new character, the serpent or snake.  The significance and identity of the snake has been a subject of much reflection through the years. The picture to [Read More…]

iGens 4

We are doing a series now on the fantastic book called Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled–and More Miserable Than Ever Before. The second chp digs deeper than the first. Two points before we get going: first, this could be the most difficult of chps for iGens and, second, she [Read More…]