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Stimulus Package Requests

Let’s put in our orders, before this gets out of hand, for funds from the stimulus package since it is really “our” money we are lending out. Chrysler and GM are already asking for more, a mere 21.6 billion dollars, so I thought we’d open up the lines for requests. What do you need that [Read More…]

Biblical Diet?

There are many today who advocate specific diets — more organic food, no pork, no shrimp, etc — on the basis of the Bible. One can go back to the Bible for such things to carry out a number of agendas, but no longer … Nathan MacDonald, a professor in Scotland, has just published a [Read More…]

A Brother’s Wisdom 3

James exhorted the messianists to face their exploitation with some courage and faith and to see through the exploitation, which they were incapable of resisting, to something they could get out of it. So he tells them to face the trials with “joy.” 2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many [Read More…]

Who are the NeoReformed? 2

We are looking at the rise of the NeoReformed; we began Monday and this is part two. The NeoReformed movement of which I speak is an attempt to capture evangelicalism, redefine it by some clearly-defined doctrines that are Reformed, and kick the rest of us — and there are lots more “of us” than the [Read More…]

Prayer Coach

James Nicodem, pastor at Christ Community Church in St. Charles Illinois, gives the church a gift in his book about learning to pray: Prayer Coach: For All Who Want to Get Off the Bench and onto the Praying Field . A few words come to mind when I think of this book: it is practical, [Read More…]