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What’s your favorite…

Song by these two guys? This guy? [Read more…]

Network in Need of a Name

This is the official letter sent out by Dan Kimball about our new network: Hello! This is Dan Kimball and I am writing on behalf of the Creative Team for the new network/community we are all forming together. It has been incredibly cool and extremely encouraging to read the responses and hopes and dreams that [Read More…]

iGens 10

The oddity of Jean Twenge’s conclusion that we discussed Wednesday, that our youth are more anxious and depressed than before (see her book Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled–and More Miserable Than Ever Before), is that one would guess that the youth should be happier … “In many ways,” as [Read More…]

Friday is for Friends

We’re looking at happiness and using David Naugle, Reordered Love, Reordered Lives: Learning the Deep Meaning of Happiness,and what he says here dovetails nicely with our examination of Jean Twenge’s book about the iGens. There is a significant increase in anxiety and depression records today, and there is also a constant pursuit of happiness. But [Read More…]