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An Announcement: Want to Write for the Jesus Creed?

Kris and I have been talking about this one and we are making a shift that I think will make this blog even better. I’ve been doing a series for a couple of years called “Friday is for Friends” and it usually is about a book I think we could all read … well, I’m [Read More…]

A Brother’s Wisdom 10

The theme of James 1:9-11, as we tried to show yesterday, is reversal. The current oppressive conditions of the poor will be overturned by an act of God and the oppressors will be brought before the bar of the Lord and they will be found wanting. The poor will be vindicated. Hence: 9 The brother in [Read More…]

Romans 5: Part 3 – Sin and its Solution (RJS)

Romans 5:12-21 is a great passage – and at the center of the passage is the achievement of Jesus through his death and resurrection. In his commentary on Romans NT Wright notes: Though the word “cross” is not mentioned, and though Jesus’ own death is not spoken of explicitly, we should not miss the fact [Read More…]

Shane Hipps on Community (and below it my response)

Scott thanks for all your comments and push back. Always appreciated. Clearly we’re playing with semantics here. I don’t say that dismissively. Semantics matter–some times more than other times. I’ll let others judge whether it matters here. It may be that we agree after all. First, my language in the video was less nuanced than [Read More…]

Internet as “Community”? One More Time

Shane Hipps got this ball rolling, then I weighed in, and now Anne Jackson has weighed in. (And she’s pulled the plug on internetting during Lent so she might not weigh back in until April 13 or later.) And Shane has responded yet again, and it will appear in a few minutes above this post… [Read More…]