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What’s your favorite…

… song by Abba? Mine: Dancing Queen. You can’t listen to Abba’s Dancing Queen without wanting to do some dancin’. I hear that even Mike Bird, when he remembers Abba in Australia, can really cut a rug on this one.  [Read more…]

The Inner Apologetic

St. Augustine famously said, “for You have formed us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in You” (Confessions 1.1.1). Though I’ve never seen a full-scale discussion of the Bible’s presentation of the “inner apologetic,” how the soul is designed to yearn for God, one finds glimmers of such at least [Read More…]

Friday is for Friends: Mark Swallow

Mark Swallow blogs at The Swallow’s Nest. Next week we will hear from Kevin Sweeney. Today’s post is a powerful reflection, if not grief, about church by one who loves the church and seeks for conversation. Mark Swallow is from the States (Boston) has now lived in Hong Kong for 10 years with his wife [Read More…]

Impostor Syndrome

Last week a group of us were sitting over lunch when a female colleague asked if we had heard of the “impostor syndrome.” I hadn’t, so she explained it. Here’s the essence, drawn from Wikipedia (with their links remaining). What do you know about this? Have you seen this? Do you feel this? Any thoughts [Read More…]