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What’s your favorite …

Song by ze vurld’s greades zinger Celine Dion? Here’s some of mine…   [Read more…]

Another Spiritual Question

Why is it so much easier (or seem to be) for folks to discern God’s will/plan for other people? It seems easier to see God’s involvement through “the rear view mirror.” How do we discern where God is moving ahead? [Read more…]

Friday is for Friends: Chrissi Wright

This post is from Chrissy Wright, and I think she offers a serious counter to how one NT text is frequently used. (Next week from Matt Edwards.) How do you think this verse about avoiding the appearance of evil should be lived out today? One of the most frequently quoted verses in the Bible, from [Read More…]

What would you do?

Would you abort a fetus just because it wasn’t yours? The question sounds crazy. How could it not be yours? If it’s in your body, you must be the mom, right? Wrong. Through in vitro fertilization, you can get pregnant with somebody else’s fetus. Thousands of surrogates already have. You can also carry an unrelated [Read More…]