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What’s your favorite …

Michael W. Smith song?  My favorite is Kentucky Rose. [Read more…]

A Brother’s Wisdom 24

James reveals an early, if not the earliest, early Christian (post Jesus) understanding of “new birth” and “spiritual formation.” Notice how James thinks the community is to be formed spiritually: “humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you” (1:21). Notice that James urges that the messianists develop a disposition toward God’s word: [Read More…]

Friday is for Friends: Matt Edwards

This week’s Friday is for Friends comes from Matt Edwards, at Believers Fellowship in Gig Harbor. I have a question regarding loyalty and the third way. One of the prominent attributes of YHWH in the Old Testament is His hesed, translated “steadfast love,” “faithfulness,” or “lovingkindness” by various English Bibles. Essentially, the word means something [Read More…]

Pastors as Poets

“What the congregation needs is not a strategist to help them form another plan for achieving a desired image of life, but a poet who looks beneath even the desperation to recover the mystery of what it means to be made in God’s image.” So pastor-professor and poet M. Craig Barnes, in his new book: [Read More…]