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A Prayer

This was the prayer for the morning prayers in Phyllis Tickle’s Divine Hours, originally in The Book of Common Prayer: O God, you have taught me to keep all your commandments by loving you and my neighbor: Grant me the grace of your Holy Spirit, that I may be devoted to you with my whole [Read More…]

United — breaker of guitars!

Have you seen this? [Read more…]

Friday is for Friends: “T”

This Friday is for Friends post is from our long-time blog friend, “T,” the one who once won a contest on this blog in which we gave away a pair of crocs. T, you still wearing them? By the way, we are always looking for more submissions for our Friday is for Friends slot. I [Read More…]

Marriage as Parable of Permanence 8

We are discussing marriage by examining the recent book of John Piper’s called This Momentary Marriage: A Parable of Permanence. What then about this “submissiveness” that is so emphatic in Piper’s complementarian approach to reading the roles of husbands and wives? Piper begins with 1 Peter 3 and finds four characteristics of biblical women: they [Read More…]