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Did you notice this today?

Regina Benjamin lives out her creed (and read the whole article). President Obama announced Monday his choice for surgeon general — Dr. Regina Benjamin, a 52-year-old family practice doctor who has spent most of her career tending to the needs of poor patients in a Gulf Coast clinic in Alabama. “When people couldn’t pay, she [Read More…]

Nobody does it better …. than…

Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes coffee better than Intelligentsia. Never mind that this is pure Chicago, it’s a simple fact: nobody makes coffee better than Intelligentsia. Just grab a cup of latte and answer me one question: “Does anyone make a better coffee?” In the background: “Nobody.” (I feel bad for all the rest.) [Read More…]

A Brother’s Wisdom 85

We turn to our last week on the book of James, which we have explored through the angle of it being the wisdom of Jesus’ brother. Our next study will be on the Book of Acts, and we will be exploring Acts through the lens of missional praxis and theology. To facilitate that discussion, I [Read More…]

Marriage as Parable of Permanence 9 (Singleness)

In our last post in this series, John Piper has a chapter on singleness, and I didn’t know what to expect. I say this for two reasons: some leaders in recent years have made some incredibly insensitive remarks about singleness and because I’m aware of the struggles so many have who don’t want to be [Read More…]

How Old is Evangelicalism? William Andrew Tooley

 How Old Is Evangelicalism?  Andrew Tooley There is a dustup these days about the origins of evangelicalism: is it to be traced to the Reformation or to the 18th Century? (Never mind that many just say it goes back to the New Testament itself!)  Andy Tooley, a friend of ours and this blog, is a [Read More…]