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Never Alone 5

Shelves, by the way, do make a difference. If my books had made me famous or wealthy (I’d prefer the latter over the former), and if publishers thought of me as someone worth marketing lavishly (which they don’t), I would have a library of books housed caringly in Levenger bookcases (which I don’t have). You [Read More…]

A Fine Tuned Universe? 7 (RJS)

Is there evidence for design in biology? Or for that matter, what would constitute evidence of fine-tuning in biology? This is the next question arising as we continue on with Chapter 13 of Alister McGrath’s book A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology: If there is any question guaranteed to excite [Read More…]

Beginning with God 5

It all begins with God — what we think about God shapes what we think about ourselves and those around us and our world. It begins with God. What is our “narrative” of God? Is our narrative one of God’s love or one of God’s wrath? James Bryan Smith, in The Good and Beautiful God: [Read More…]