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Craziest Quote of the Week

This week Kris and I were sitting with some others at a nice Italian restaurant in Wheaton when the server showed Mike Bird an assortment of teas. I could see them better than Mike so I mentioned a couple and finished with this: “Mike, how about some Earl Grey?” Mike: “Are you kidding? Earl Grey [Read More…]

Friday is for Friends: David Opderbeck

Read this and ponder — one to keep in mind. Garret’s arms twist at sharp angles.  His eyes, vacant and unfocused, stare fixedly away into a void, veiled windows to a soul suddenly plunged into primordial darkness.  His brain fires primeval charges summoned from deep within the tohu wa bohu, his body tensing and releasing [Read More…]

The Future of Sunday School

From The Wall Street Journal … The decline in Sunday schools appears to be gradual but steady. A study by the Barna Group indicated that in 2004 churches were 6% less likely to provide Sunday school for children ages 2 to 5 as in 1997. For middle-school kids, the decline was to 86% providing Sunday [Read More…]