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Acts and Mission 21

Missional communities are not perfect, idealized, romanticized communities. They are apostolically-shaped but still sin-influenced. They are called to join Peter on their knees.  As is made clear time and again in Beverly Gaventa’s The Acts of the Apostles (Abingdon New Testament Commentaries),  the Book of Acts describes the mission of God in which the Church participates. [Read More…]

Worthy of Imitation 1

Protestants are nervous about the famous saints of the church, and they are nervous for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that veneration of saints by some in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions exceeds what is to be said of humans and diminishes (by default) what is said of Christ. But, [Read More…]

Translation Tribalism 2

Translations are now officially and unofficially connected to tribes, and it is not a little bit humorous and also at times quite sad.  Sometimes it sounds like culture wars, and that is sad. Today I want to make one point, draw a sweeping conclusion, and then offer a good illustration. Here’s my point: the authority [Read More…]