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On Reading Memoirs

Kris and I both love to read memoirs. Kris likes those memoirs that probe one’s psychological state or get into some deep story, while I like memoirs of writers and thinkers (which is not to say they don’t sometimes explore the inner world nor to say that those psychological memoirs aren’t by thinkers). In fact, [Read More…]

God, Science, and Evolution (RJS)

Yesterday we finished off a discussion of John H. Walton’s fascinating look at The Lost World of Genesis One. In the discussion of scientific explanations of origins in proposition 16, p. 136 Walton draws an analogy (He uses a few examples, I am going to paraphrase a bit to use only one example). We believe [Read More…]

Worthy of Imitation 3

What makes Chris Armstrong’s new book, Patron Saints for Postmoderns: Ten from the Past Who Speak to Our Future , unique is the choice he makes of those whom we can learn from. Antony and Gregory the Great are not surprising; Dante Alighieri is (at least that choice surprised me). One winter here in Chicago [Read More…]