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Obama and Afghanistan

Not a few of us are concerned about the President’s administration supporting escalating conflict and war in Afghanistan, and I’m wondering what you are thinking. I’m particularly concerned to hear from those who voted for Obama and who were hopeful that his administration would bring a more speedy resolution to the Middle East. Here are [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 27

The speech of Stephen is quite the speech in Acts. It illustrates both how the gospel was conceived as the climax of Israel’s Story and how the early Church read the Bible from beginning to end. But first we’ve got to get Stephen, one of the deacons, arrested so we can get him to his [Read More…]

Economics at the Jesus Creed: Michael Kruse 2

Last week I wrote that the driving question behind economics is this: Given scarce (i.e., limited) resources, what should each of us do today and how will we coordinate billions of projects? Today we identify two modes of economic analysis: positive and normative.  Positive Economics is concerned with understanding and describing what is. Theories are articulated, hypotheses [Read More…]

Worthy of Imitation 5

Just who is in your list of “saints”? One could pull out a list of those who have been officially “sainted” (examined, beatified and canonized on the basis of exemplary virtue and miracles and intercessory powers) in the Roman Catholic tradition. Or, one could list those who have not been officially sainted but who are [Read More…]