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Peter, Paul and Mary

We were informed today that Mary Travers (of Peter, Paul and Mary) has passed away. In her honor, I embed my favorite Peter, Paul and Mary song. What’s your favorite? What did you like about them? How do you remember them? (Kris and I once heard them live at Ravinia.) [Read more…]

Acts and Mission 28

Stephen’s speech is not an evangelistic sermon, and I’m willing to say it contains the gospel but is not gospeling itself, and the reason I say that is that the ending is not a call to repent and believe and be baptized, as is the case with other gospeling sermons. Instead, Stephen’s speech comes off [Read More…]

Evolution’s Place? 6 (RJS)

Chapter 11 of Simon Conway Morris’s book Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe is titled Toward a Theology of Evolution, and to this we now turn. Conway Morris suggests that the view – common among many educated westerners steeped in enlightenment ideals – that the world is ours for the taking, to be [Read More…]

Deep Church as Third Way 4

The most serious issue about the emerging church, at least in the eyes and minds of its critic, is is relationship to postmodernity. The standard criticism of “emergent” is that it is “relativistic” and “denies the Truth” and has a “bankrupt epistemology.” These are serious words, especially if they are true, which they aren’t — [Read More…]