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Adultery, Jesus and the Church

Nightline is doing a series on the Ten Commandments. The first show, which was last Thursday, was about adultery, the Seventh Commandment.  We think Jesus shifted the focus of the 7th Commandment to the violation of love and made fidelity radical and essentially relational. What do you think? The Seventh Commandment is as simple as [Read More…]

Mugs: The New Fruitcake?

When I was a kid, my great aunt came every Christmas, and one gift she always gave us was fruitcake. That fruitcake, even when I muster up my fondest of moments, was dry, tasteless, and — well, awful. In those days, fruitcake, for some unforgivable reason, had become the default gift. A default gift is [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 33

The paradigmatic conversion story in the Book of Acts is the story of Paul, but that story contains a missional element many ignore. Paul’s “conversion” is not emphasized as one from sinner to saved but one from persecutor to missional agent. Conversion in the Pauline pattern is conversion from opposing God’s mission in this world [Read More…]

Gospel Exclusivists

Sometime back I did a series on a fine book by Terry Tiessen called Who Can Be Saved?: Reassessing Salvation in Christ and World Religions . The book is a good one, but it was not easy to blog about. But, Terry has come to us with a question, and I’m hoping we can help [Read More…]

Worthy of Imitation 10

What a wonderful person to choose to finish Patron Saints for Postmoderns: Ten from the Past Who Speak to Our Future. Chris Armstrong chooses, from the 20th Century, Dorothy Sayers and I love how he describes her: “Unorthodox in her personality, but passionately orthodox in her faith Dorothy Sayers would find herself (almost by accident) blessing [Read More…]