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Wisdom and Preaching Wisdom

This weekend I attended a conference at Lipscomb University on Reclaiming the Imagination and the focus was on Wisdom, wisdom literature in the Bible, and preaching. It was the best conference I’ve attended ever. I don’t know exactly why, but maybe because: 1. It was fun. 2. It was with some top level thinkers, pastors, [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 46

The story in Acts moves from the martyrdom of James, brother of John (sons of Zebedee), back to Peter, whose own agency in the mission of God shapes the first half of the Book of Acts. Peter, along with James, is persecuted by Herod Agrippa I, but the story of Peter turns out so differently [Read More…]

Are Women Human? 2 (RJS)

Last Thursday (see here) I started a short series of posts focused on Dorothy Sayers’ essays published in the volume Are Women Human?. The first essay in this volume is an address given to a women’s society in 1938.  Sayers starts the essay by relating her invitation to speak to the group and noting that [Read More…]

Manifold Witness 3

John Franke, in his new and exciting book Manifold Witness: The Plurality of Truth (Living Theology) , learned as a kid that one way to settle theological questions was to appeal to the “historic Christian faith.” So John looked into it, and he began “to wonder how we can talk about something like the historic [Read More…]