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It Was a Plot!

I cannot comprehend how the hapless Bears could have won the last two weeks. They beat the best team in the NFC, the Minnesooooda Vikings, and then they beat the Lions. Two weekends in a row, two wins in a row. And I’m beginning to think the Commish needs to investigate. Some teams, like the [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 69

We resume our series now on the Book of Acts and the theme of Mission. One church whose singular description has become a stereotype is that of Berea. There is a memorial today in modern Verria to Paul’s preaching in Berea. Here is the text from Acts: 17:10 The brothers sent Paul and Silas off to [Read More…]

Book of Revelation: Universalistic?

Those who “like” or “find delight” in the Book of Revelation remind me of those who watched The Titanic and thought it was romantic and cute but failed to miss that thousands died a brutal, terrifying and tragic death. Robin Parry’s (aka, Gregory Macdonald’s) book The Evangelical Universalist  examines the Book of Revelation because, if truth be [Read More…]

Disturbing Divine Behavior

it is not uncommon for an innocent Bible reader to read a text like the flood of Noah or the death of the firstborn in Egypt and wonder how in the world God can be involved in such actions, and then to ask what such acts would inform the Bible believer about what God is [Read More…]