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Was 2009 the Year of Technology Change?

From CNN: Engineers didn’t make huge improvements to technology in 2009. The year’s big tech names — Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon — all existed before January. Instead, this is the year technology changed us. At year’s end, we’re connected to each other and to the Internet like never before. In 2009, we carried tiny [Read More…]

Acts and Mission 70

Paul got to Athens before Silas and Timothy, and while there contemplating the spiritual condition of Athens, Paul becomes vexed about idolatry, and here is a potent missional issue: discernment of spiritual condition. Notice what is said of Paul in Athens and his ascent onto the Areopagus: 17:16 While Paul was waiting for them in Athens, [Read More…]

Theology, Science, and Global Warming (RJS)

Scot has posted a few time over the last month on the topic of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), either as a short question or as part of Weekly Meanderings. One of the things that surprised me in the ensuing conversation, both on the blog and on facebook, was the sentiment expressed by some that global [Read More…]

Was Jesus Universalistic?

Robin Parry’s (aka, Gregory Macdonald’s) book The Evangelical Universalist  examines whether or not Jesus believed in an eternal conscious hell and, by the time he’s done, he suggests there is a text that might suggest Jesus moved in a universalist direction. Gehenna, Parry argues, did not refer to the garbage dump outside Jerusalem but was an image [Read More…]